Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

  • Insulating Fiber Glass Sleeve

    Vidflex is  closely braided of E-Class glass fiber yarn having continuous  filament impregnated  with  acrylic polyurethane and fire retardant silicon elastomer in continuous form using latest coating technology. The surface of the sleevings are smooth, uniform in appearance....

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  • Cord and Rope

    Vidcord is  thick, neatly and closely woven product braided outside with(dextrine) oil-free glass yarn or high tenacity polyester yarn filled with dense glass fibre slivers. Higher tensile strength, compression and low shrinkage makes it ideal choice for bracing and end winding....

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  • Mica Tape and Sheet

    Vidmica tapes and foils are laminated with calcined, uncalcined muscovite, phlogophite or aramid mica paper and impregnated with Bisphenol Novolec Epoxy resin and silicon varnish with various reinforcements on single side or both sides of mica paper....

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